16266239_10155006350250152_4885373836320275029_nIn case you missed it: New France Diary posts are up!

June 21: Be on the lookout for cruelty-free beauty reviews and news, coming your way

I might come from the land of maple syrup and poutine, but now my head is filled with Douglas Firs.

Much like my upbringing, I’ve found that my burgeoning career choices have led me down distinct yet intertwining paths:

After three years at Vancouver Island University doing a History and Journalism degree, I’ve worked for the Navigator as both its Sports and Lifestyle Editor and Production Manager. You can find my stories here.

I’ve also worked for the Canadian Letters and Images Project, which digitizes war letters from all over Canada. You can find my work here.

Aside being a journo part time, I’m also testing out the field working for Proper Propaganda, a PR agency that focuses on media relations and marketing for startup tech and lifestyle companies.

When I’m not busy thinking up new ventures or writing pitches, you’ll most likely find me with coffee and book in hand, busy learning about past wars or reining in the urge to make more puns.

With one more year left at Vancouver Island University before graduation, this blog is a means of expressing myself in all the ways I can.

From journalism articles like features and short pieces to fiction and poetry, that’s what keeps me going.