Day 10: “Things that are Square”

  • Me. (Ha!)
  • The ceramic pan as it holds my supper, roasting in the oven with melted cheese oozing and baking on the edges.
  • A vintage mirror, with its scratched paint and shattered glass creating a kaleidoscope image.
  • The broken window pane, its cracked glass letting the wind whistle through the opening.
  • The picture frame that displays your favorite picture — a time keeper.
  • The parcel left on your doorstep, its cardboard surface hiding untold treasures.
  • The brush you use to comb your hair, letting the silky mane slip through its teeth.
  • White porcelain dishes, speckled with brown dots of soy sauce and carrying beautifully presented sushi rolls, red roe eggs on top.
  • A turntable, emanating music from ages past with its needle.
  • The table beside your bed, holding your carelessly thrown keys, phone, and discarded book.
  • The garden plot in your yard, moist soil rich in nutrients, with its planted vegetables about to sprout.
  • The canvas, with paint strokes coloring the white with vibrant new colors.
  • The alarm clock angrily buzzing and jolting you awake in the middle of a pleasant dream.

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