Day 11: Scoop

“And that was the end of it.”

My breath came out as a sigh and my best friend Katie looked at me, eye bulging in disbelief.

“So he just left you there? All alone after you took him out and everything?”

“Yup. Listen, I don’t need to be treated that way. Who the hell does he think he is, breaking up with me just so he can sleep with his coworker. ‘I don’t wanna be tied down’ yeah right.There’s no fucking way I’m putting up with that shit!” My voice was shaking, trying to reign in my rage. “Sorry.”

Katie put her arm around me and leaned her head against mine, long brown hair tickling my neck.

“What a fuckboy. I’m sorry, but after 4 years? What the hell is wrong with him?” her voice rang out in the silence from the bed.

I scoffed, wiping  a stray tear leaking out of the corner of my eye.

“I guess I won’t ever be getting that diamond ring I’d been dreaming about.”

What were stray tears was slowly becoming more, Katie just holding me harder in her arms as my shoulders shook.

“I really thought he was the one, Katie,” I said, disengaging myself from the tangle of her arms. “How could he do that to me?”

Katie straightened, passing me my red blanket and wrapping it around me.

“And right before Valentine’s Day too! It’s official, February 14 can suck it. I’m never falling in love ever again,” I said, frowning as I tightened the blanket around my shoulders.

Katie giggled, suppressing her laughter with the back of her hand.

“What? What’s so funny?” I asked, offended that she’d be laughing.

“You’re just so dramatic, Nat.”

“Yeah, well fuck you too, come on, let’s go, I need to get out of here. Wanna go do something?”

I’d hoped a change of scenery would help diminish the boiling anger currently bubbling up to the surface.

“Yeah come on, let’s go to the DQ drive thru, I’ll drive.”

Red blanket still wrapped around me, mascara marked down my cheeks and ponytail askew, I tossed her my keys from my bedside table and followed her to her beat up Honda.


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