January Makeup Review|What I Used Up

Hey guys, welcome back!

I am happy to announce that I’ve used up my first item from my 19 by 2019 project. Though it was an accident, I count an eyeliner breaking and hitting the floor as done. It was probably a sign, as my Annabelle eyeliner was one of the oldest in my collection. Here’s what I thought of it:


Annabelle Exaggerate Eyeliner in Aubergine

I used to wear this guy everyday for until I discovered eyeshadow. I have no qualms with it other than the annoyance with the packaging. The tube opens in a twist motion, which would be fine except that the packaging is pretty cheap and the liner tends to slide back in a little during application. If you’re planning on smoking out your eyeliner, this product is great, but you won’t get any precision with this one. Otherwise, the liner glides on and is really creamy. Though I wasn’t blown away, this liner certainly does the job.


Nars Creamy Concealer in Vanilla

When I first used a sample of this, I was blown away by how creamy and full coverage this one. It glided on like a dream, the coverage was full without staying tacky and cakey like most other full coverage products. Using the tube delivered the same great, lightweight coverage with no issues with creasing after a full day of wear. I didn’t even have to set it with powder! I found I did go through it pretty fast, and even took out the stopper to get my full money’s worth. Have you experienced the same thing? Even though I went through this product quickly (or so it seems) it is in my opinion, worth every penny.


Moss by Commodity Perfume Sample

This perfume came in the Commodity “Storybook” sample collection. With notes of Oak Moss, Cedarwood, Petitgrain, this unisex perfume  is “inspired by the best spring has to offer all year around.” According to Sephora, the “crisp aroma captures the balance between fresh, cool greens, and musky earth undertones”. I managed to use this up after a total of 15 sprays, which is decent for a perfume sample. Though I tended to use two sprays per wear, just one is enough as the scent can be quite heady. Though it has earthy notes, I wouldn’t say it’s a light smell, though not overly strong. It smells nice, but I wouldn’t purchase a bigger size of this, just due to the fact that it’s not (at least to me) an everyday scent.

That’s all for this month! So far, I’m hitting my goal of using up 3 products a month. I’ve got quite a few items that are on their last legs, so hopefully, I’ll have lots of empties by the end of February! Don’t forget to follow me on my new Instagram for more daily makeup goodness @pansbycat. Speak soon xx

What concealer is your favorite? Got any recommendations? Let me know in the comment section below!

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