Day 28: Monochrome

I woke up, eyes bleary with sleep, my damp blankets wrapped around my sweating body driving me awake. Through the dim light making its way from the crack of my purple curtains, I saw her standing by my bedside, tired red eyes widening and hazy mind trying to decipher if this was a hallucination or … More Day 28: Monochrome

Day 25: Digits

He stood leaning against my locker, thick brown curls accentuated by the faded green metal behind him. The hallway was filled with students, sounds of squeaking metal from opening lockers and chattering as they milled about. He turned his head as I approached, smile creasing his brown eyes with its barely noticeable flecks of green. I blushed … More Day 25: Digits

Day 24: Venezuela

The white hot sand scorches the soles of my feet, our group treading our way through broken shells littering the ground. Everything around us has been bleached by the tropic sun, all except the green expanse of trees and the beckoning of the Caribbean ocean coming into view. My sunscreen is slowly melting off, driven away … More Day 24: Venezuela

Day 23: Louise

Born on this day in 1942, my grandmother was the oldest girl of seven siblings. They say I’ve inherited her blue eyes, and that from my mother, her no non sense attitude and practical approach. A first-grade teacher at 18, my grandmother taught a class of 40 children while still being underage. She took care … More Day 23: Louise