Day 18: Cut

I leaned against the door frame, a huge sigh escaping my lips. “Look, Em, I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, you’re beautiful. I was just so surprised.” I was a royal ass, and I knew it. “Would you just let me in?” I heard her sliding down the door, hiccups following the trail … More Day 18: Cut

Day 15: Mime

I was but a spectre, barely an outline trailing behind her as she walked along the road, covered skies filled with promises of sunshine, but unwilling to break. She adjusted her bag, and I tried to copy her movements exactly—I’d always excelled in mimicry. We stopped at an intersection, whirring cars zooming by as the … More Day 15: Mime

Day 14: Station

I adjusted my dress, fingers smoothing down the fabric for the fifth time since I sat down on the hard bus stop bench. A couple walked by, their conversation misting the frigid night air, bull mastiff ahead, dragging them forward on its leash. I turned my attention to the long wires dangling from the poles … More Day 14: Station

Day 11: Scoop

“And that was the end of it.” My breath came out as a sigh and my best friend Katie looked at me, eye bulging in disbelief. “So he just left you there? All alone after you took him out and everything?” “Yup. Listen, I don’t need to be treated that way. Who the hell does … More Day 11: Scoop