Published Works

The Aloe – ASMR: Internet Phenomenon Leaves Users Tingling 

636100705778716459553001462_microphone-ASMR-1100x500Have you ever experienced a pleasant tingling sensation while hearing sounds like whispering or tapping? You were probably experiencing Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR… Read more here.



The Navigator – La Fleur de Lys

Screen-Shot-2017-03-21-at-9.44.44-PMFrench Canadians and anglophones have a fairly long history of disagreement, and though it has largely died down, small snippets of longstanding unease remain throughout society. From snide remarks in schools to gaps in service, being a francophone on Vancouver Island has its struggles… Read more here.



The NavigatorBeauty: Tested

Original artwork by Avery Crosson

“When L’Oréal bought out [The Body Shop in 2006], there were tons of repercussions on all sides,” she says. “L’Oréal has never had a great rep as far as cosmetic testing is concerned, and The Body Shop has been instrumental in having a European ban on testing on animals.” Read more here.



The Navigator – Discovering Leah Westwood

spread09_leahwestwoodAs children, Leah and James had lived in towns only eight miles apart. Their lives took them on similar paths, full of near misses, from the East Coast of America, overland to California, and diverging from the Cariboo to Victoria, finally converging in the blossoming town of Nanaimo… Read more here.